Interest Payment Table (On Deposit of Rs. 10000/-)

Sr. No.Deposit AmountRate of Interest
(year 18% )
Interest a/m
Per Month
1100,00012%12,000 12 Month1,000
2200,00012%24,000 12 Month2,000
3300,00012%36,000 12 Month3,000
4400,00012%48,000 12 Month4,000
5500,00012%60,000 12 Month5,000
6600,00012%72,000 12 Month6,000
7700,00012%84,000 12 Month7,000
8800,00012%96,000 12 Month8,000
9900,00012%108,000 12 Month9,000
101,000,00012%120,000 12 Month10,000

Terms & Conditions:-

  • Minimum MIS would be of Rs. 10000/- and further in multiple of Rs.10000/-
  • No TDS Deducted on interest paid by Kamla Nidhi on Deposits.
  • Special MIS is applicable only for Senior citizens, women, and Govt. employ and for pensioners.
  • Loan available against Deposit up to 75% of deposited amount after one month from the date of deposit.
  • Rate of interest on loan against Deposit would be 5% higher than applicable rate of interest to your Deposit.

Payment before maturity not allowed for 90 days deposit scheme and Payment before Maturity allowed to other MIS plans, in this case the Calculation of interest on pre-mature payment will be applicable as per savings a/c’s rate of interest and already paid interest amount will be deducted from the principal amount.